Kids + Digital can = Happiness

The Internet has given us the ability to seek and find answer to our questions, and has opened our minds and hearts to a more inclusive, global conversation.  We have the opportunity to see our relatives in far away lands through the touch of a button as if we are in the same room together. We have the amazing ability to explore experiences, share our lives with friends, become experts in almost any subject, enjoy silly and uplifting videos that draw out the best in us, and even see approaching storms so we can prepare ahead of time. The benefits are endless and we are living in these amazing times.

Kids are growing up fast in this ubiquitous digital world. With the rise of social media and instant access to platforms that may not be age appropriate, a number of kids find themselves caught up in behaviors that manifest both positively and negatively. We look to tech leaders and innovators to provide positive experiences with these social platforms that help to educate and inspire our kids.  

Kids today are immersed in the digital world. It has really become their “everything”. It is the way they connect with their friends, play games, and collaborate on class projects. Digital is the modern day discovery tool.  It becomes increasingly difficult to prevent younger and younger kids from going online and seeking out apps that they hear about from their peers.

It’s time to accept that kids expect digital experiences to be a normal part of their everyday lives.  Therefore, it’s up to us to provide them with apps that are not only fun but also safe and which provide them with a positive and enriching environment in which to share and grow.

At Kudos, we are dedicated to building a community for kids. We want to be the catalyst for kids to express creativity, share meaningful photos, interact and truly inspire one another. We believe that by fostering a positive digital environment where kids build each other up, we have the opportunity to make the digital world a better, safer place for everyone.