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Kudos Founder and Son Share the Story of Kudos at Digital Kids Summit 2017 #DKSummit2017


We are packing our bags and heading to Austin for the Digital Kids Summit 2017. 
The two-day industry exclusive forum brings together a diverse group of 50+ global and local trailblazers to inspire, support and inform Digital Tech Innovators about the imminent future of kids’ digital play and learning. 


This is obviously a very important group that we are proud to be a part of. The founder of Kudos will be speaking alongside his 11 year old son, Andreas to discuss the creation of Kudos and share how what was once an idea to create an Instagram for kids has evolved into a movement for safer social media experiences for kids and future adults. 


As parents, we are all familiar with the negative-fueled exchanges found in most social media platforms today. Of course when your kids start asking if they can join these apps, you immediately try to think of way to tell them no - now you don’t have to.


Details about Ole and Andreas’ presentation: 

Digital Citizenship in a Social World

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 26th 11:40a - 2:00p. 


Session Overview: Hear why this social media for kids’ company directly engages their target audience to determine how they want to socialize with their peers and why they incorporate training to help ensure their users are more considerate, civilized and aware of their effect on others. In this session, Kudos will share how they plan to evolve as a company and why involving kids often and early throughout each stage of development has contributed to a truly authentic community. They’ll get real about the limitations of marketing to kids, why parents are no longer their focus and how their recipe for success is keeping kids engaged longer. 

  • Andrea Hestaas, Kudos Kids Adviser, Kudos&Co, Inc. 
  • Ole Vidar Hestaas, Co-Founder and CEO, Kudos&Co, Inc.


Watch Andreas share some of the story in this video:


KudosDigital Kids Summit 2017