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Boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture,  and drive productivity and performance with Kudos®.

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Why Kudos®? Kudos® is a powerful engagement platform that feels great. Show your colleagues that you appreciate their outstanding work, and get to know what the rest of your organization is up to in a straightforward app.

Performance Recognition

Get regular recognition - no more waiting for your performance review. With Kudos® you have a space to recognize, and be recognized in real time.

Demystify your Organization's Values

Kudos® takes your often forgotten organizational values and turns them into actionable qualities. Every recognition message sent in Kudos® will be tied back to those qualities displayed.

Social Hub

Kudos® is an internal "good news" social network that allows you to get to know your colleagues. It's an excellent way for in-person, hybrid, or remote teams to stay connected and engaged.

Personal Analytics Dashboard

Use your personal dashboard to understand how you're performing and to work on set goals for personal and professional growth.


Get publicly recognized for your most important milestones, like your first day of work, birthday, or work anniversary.

Help Grow Your Culture

Contribute to a Culture of Recognition from the ground up with Kudos®. Recognize your colleagues for their effort and contributions regularly. Celebrate the recognition your colleagues are receiving on Kudos®. It just feels great!


Kudos® integrates with many of the software tools you already use in your day-to-day workflows, like Teams, Slack, and Outlook.

Awards & Badges

Earn Awards that will live on your Kudos® profile forever in the form of a custom badge.

Spaces & Galleries

Get to know your company's culture by scrolling through the albums in Galleries. Keep up with culture programs and initiatives and any other communications or announcements in Spaces.


Employee Recognition Buyer’s Guide

Your Step-By-Step Companion to Choosing a Recognition Platform

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