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Boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture,  and drive productivity and performance with Kudos®.

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Why Kudos®? Kudos® is a powerful engagement platform that drives big results. Our customers consistently see increased productivity, improved employee retention, better culture, higher customer satisfaction, and much, much more!

Performance Recognition

Your employees want to be recognized for their work - often. Employee recognition with Kudos® is different from traditional, rewards-focused programs and software. Kudos® creates sustainable cultural change.

Values Alignment

Employee recognition is most effective when it’s tied back to the behaviors that your organization values. In Kudos®, every recognition message sent is linked to those behaviors.

Social Hub

Kudos® is an internal social network and intranet for your employees. The social functionality in Kudos® engages employees and amplifies the impact of your recognition program through transparency.

Optional Rewards

Points are not the point. While Kudos® has a robust catalog of rewards, they are not the emphasis. A focus on recognition fosters personal achievement and intrinsic motivation to do a great job. That’s why rewards are optional.

Culture & People Analytics

Deep people and culture analytics available through built-in dashboards present  unrivaled, actionable insight into workplace culture and the employee experience.

Employee Milestones

Grandfather old programs into Kudos® or start from scratch! Automate awards for first days, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more!

Culture Benchmarking

Amplify the impact of your investments in culture with a suite of functionality designed to reinforce and accelerate your culture. Measure your baseline and track changes to manage turnover and engagement.


Save time and make the transition to Kudos® seamless by integrating with the software that your employees already use and love.

Custom Badges & Awards

Recognize and commemorate significant achievements or encourage behaviors that align with your organization’s values, all while strengthening culture and teamwork.

Spaces & Galleries

Share memorable moments with dedicated albums in Galleries. Create and store resources, culture or wellness initiatives, and any other communications or announcements in Spaces.

Automated Culture Campaigns

Take your recognition strategy to the next level with the Kudos® Culture Accelerator programs. Recognition becomes a habit with these customized programs.

Mobile Apps & Accessibility

Employees should be part of your culture of recognition regardless of where and how they work. Kudos® is accessible for employees, from the office to remote, to frontline healthcare workers and technicians on the manufacturing line.


Employee Recognition Buyer’s Guide

Your Step-By-Step Companion to Choosing a Recognition Platform

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