Changing the World, One Thank-You at a Time®

Kudos.org is the social impact project of Kudos. Our initiatives seek to build and engage communities through simple acts of gratitude and recognition.

There are few human gestures more powerful than saying “thank-you.” It’s a simple act that satisfies the simple human desire to feel appreciated and recognized. At Kudos we believe more gratitude leads to a better world.  

And we’re doing our part to make it happen. 

Kudos.com allows team members at organizations to share messages of recognition and gratitude. 

With Kudos.org, we extend our vision and reach beyond businesses to promote the power of recognition and gratitude to inspire positive change everywhere. 

With Kudos there are no barriers, only the potential for Changing the World One Thank You at a Time®.


Current Kudos.org projects

ThankStream (www.kudos.org)
All around the world, people are making extraordinary sacrifices to care for us, support us and keep us safe in the time of COVID-19. ThankSteam is an online public platform that allows users to discover, explore and share social media recognition messages to these first responders and frontline workers. It is a forum for global gratitude and a place for us to connect in honoring our heroes.

Thank different®