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Kudos is a safer place for kids to express themselves, explore, create, and have fun.


As children navigate through Kudos, we teach them to be accountable for their actions and emphasize the importance of “netiquette.” Positive, inclusive, happy sharing is our goal.   Our Content Moderators are on duty 24/7 to review shared photos, comments and captions.  They discard inappropriate posts and ban suspicions users.  


We have also implemented a Parental Supervision feature for users under thirteen, making it easy for moms and dads to monitor their child’s activities. Parents need to activate the accounts of their children in order for what they post to be seen by their friends.   All posts and friend connections are shared with the child’s parent or adult guardian. 


Only friends can see children’s profiles.   We believe in encouraging positive interaction in the Kudos community.  We want children to learn that they are responsible for what they say and what they post.   Children use lively reaction icons to express their feelings.  


Our goal in developing Kudos is to eliminate elements that contribute to inappropriate behavior and to create a positive atmosphere instead.


We do not advertise to children or invite them to buy things like gems or power levels.  We do not track the location of our users nor do we track or sell any personal information.


If you have any questions or concerns about Kudos please contact us using the form below.