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Go Kudos Basic! Go big with Kudos Plus! Or go really big with Kudos Enterprise! No matter what your business’ size, structure or market sector, we’ve got a plan for you.


Functionality that Scales with your Organization

Kudos Basic

Kudos Basic

Peer Recognition
  • Core Values & Behaviour-Aligned Recognition
  • Video Recognition
  • People Directory & Profiles
  • Mobile iOS, Android
  • Basic Reports
  • Integrations, SCIM, SAML, API
Kudos Plus

Kudos Plus

Complete Engagement
  • Custom Awards, Badges, Certificates
  • Realtime Peer Feedback
  • Birthdays/Years-of-Service
  • Newsletters
  • Status Messages
  • Announcements
  • Events Calendar
  • Custom Pages
  • Photo Galleries
  • Pulse Surveys & Polls
  • Analytic Dashboards & Reports
Kudos Enterprise

Kudos Enterprise

More Controls & Insights
  • Deep Analytic Insights
  • Ecosystem Benchmarking
  • Multi-Account Networks
  • Leadership Reports
  • Rollup Reporting
  • Plus More!

Pick the plan that suits your size and needs.  Connect Kudos into your existing infrastructure or run it as a standalone product - the choice is yours!



Additional controls, customization, and privacy levels.

We scale very well. Whether you’re a multi-national with various operating companies, or you have employees in various work environments, we have a solution for you.

Not-For-Profit & Education

Not-For-Profit & Education

Being used around the world in any organization.

We’re not just for corporations. We’re for any organization. We're Changing The World One Thank You At a Time®, and want to support your efforts to do the same. Discounted rates are available for Not-For-Profit organizations with more than 100 employees.

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