3 Awesome Tools to Create Office Graphics

Communication is critical when it comes to employee engagement, from cave paintings to infographics, and we’ve been using visual communication for as long as humans have been around. But we don’t all have the funds for a graphic design or marketing team to make our visuals look amazing. For this reason, we’ve curated some of our favourite design tools, so it’s easier for you to foster a stronger more personalized brand around your employee engagement experience. These tools make it easy to build anticipation for team events, and they’re a great way to personalize your Kudos account!

Have you ever spent weeks planning an event – writing emails, memos and office notices – only to have a few attendants show up because no one read any of the material you prepared? Well, according to John Medina’s “Brain Rules,” our brain retains up to 65% of the information paired with a relevant image as opposed to only 10% of pure text information. So if you’ve ever wondered why your team events aren’t as well-attended as they could be, perhaps you should try combining text information with visual prompts? Check out these tools to help make your announcements more appealing!



Employee Swap Day Office Poster 

Download poster: National Employee Swap Day

Design Wizard

Design Wizard created a helpful video tutorial to guide you through the design process and allows you to upload your custom font, so your brand remains consistent. The platform combines an intuitive user interface with easy-to-use tools that enable you to create compelling visual content. Save time by using the available templates for various social media posts, posters and marketing materials. Once you’re finished working on your masterpiece, click the download button to export the file as an image or better yet, link your company’s social media accounts to Design Wizard and share directly from the platform.



National Thank You Day Office Poster

Download poster: National Thank You Day 


Our budget choice may be BeFunky, but it isn’t budget when it comes to the features. They provide a wide selection of free features and don’t require you to sign up for their software to use their tool. For photo editing on-the-go, BeFunky allows you to edit photos, add text and layer filters through an app available for Android or iOS. Give it a go at the next axe-throwing corporate event and post epic pictures of the day while the event is happening!



 National Smile Power day office poster

Download poster: National Smile Power Day


If you need to collaborate with a large team to create motivational posters or infographics, then Canva is your answer. Canva allows you to share your visual projects with up to 50 team members. In addition to providing exceptional design features, Canva speeds things up for you with its extensive library of customizable templates. Move aside, WordArt – Canva takes the guesswork out of font pairing with a search engine that suggests additional font pairings based on your chosen primary font.

Our top three picks aren’t the definitive list of visual content creators available, but to create motivational office graphics, these are our favourites. Choose the best platform based on your company needs and be sure to have fun while you inject personality into your visual content and let us know which one was your favourite!

If you’d like to download the posters featured in this post, please visit this link.


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