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Here at Kudos we pretty much live in Slack. A ton of our office communications go through Slack channels, and we enjoy the company of our slackbots who do everything from helping us send Kudos to notifying us about important business updates.

Thanks to our awesome new Slack update, you can now send recognition to your co-workers, teammates, and stakeholders without ever needing to leave Slack! Admins can easily hook up Kudos to Slack from the Slack Marketplace, immediately enabling the /Kudos command.

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How to Send Kudos in Slack

Once your Kudos Admin or Super Admin has connected Kudos to Slack, you can send Kudos to any Slack user in your organization by using the /Kudos command. Give it a try, and you’ll notice a slick new dialogue box that guides you through the process of sending Kudos. You can also use the @ symbol to tag a recipient in addition to including a message in your /Kudos command like this:

Eg.  /Kudos @emilyK Great work on those employee engagement posters. They look awesome!

The new dialogue allows you to choose your Kudos recipient, type or reword your message, select the level of Kudos you’re sending, and attach up to two Kudos Qualities. Once you hit submit, you’ve officially sent recognition using the new Slack integration!

Ready to start sending recognition in Slack? Request a demo of Kudos today and see just how easy it is to send recognition from within Slack.


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