We will not be silent. We will do better: a message from Kudos

When we started Kudos, we wanted to bring a diverse group of smart, respectful, and committed people together in an inclusive manner to help us change the world. Admittedly, we are not perfect. We need greater diversity in our board and leadership profile, and we can always be more inclusive. For us, making the world better entails fostering cultural unity within organizations, and enabling individuals to realize their potential. Our plan is to increase global purpose and happiness.

Last Tuesday Kudos went silent on social media, as many people and organizations did. Giving Black people the space to be heard and amplify their voices is important. We also wanted to ensure we were being intentional, purposeful, and empathetic in our actions – so we listened, we are still learning, and today we have decided to break our silence, to openly commit to our path forward.

Creating meaningful and sustainable change is not easy. It only happens with commitment, growth (open and evolutionary learning), and stamina. This is not a race. This is our long-term commitment to make sincere, positive changes. These are our commitments:

Kudos stands in solidarity with the Black community.

We condemn racism in all its forms.

We will create a safe space for our employees, clients, partners.

We will reflect on and amend our own diversity and inclusion policies.

We will openly discuss, learn, and educate.

We will collectively show compassion if we make mistakes.

We will not be passive. We will not be silent. We will do better. We will not stop.

Black Lives Matter.


How did we come to our commitments and our action plan? We involved our team in the process and we focused on using our core values to guide us. Very quickly, concepts around transparency, inclusion, collaboration, compassion, and accountability became our focus. It was also important to us that our commitments represented a plan for both internal and external change because cultural change is all-encompassing.

We encourage other organizations to develop their own commitments and share them publicly. We need to hold each other accountable if we expect this world to see the change it needs.

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