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Brand new job. Whole new world.

Brand new job. Whole new world.

| Mike Bader

Our new COO tells about starting a  new job in the time of COVID-19. Yep, it has been a little weird – like it has been for all of us. But he credits a strong culture here at Kudos for helping us come together and be positive and productive.

Four Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the Office

Four Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the Office

| Kudos Superstars

We here at Kudos love celebrating every holiday to reinforce our corporate culture and engage our team. Saint Patrick’s Day is one of our favorites because it’s free-spirited and you can get really creative with the theme! I did a little research to find ideas that would work with our culture, and found so many that I thought it would be selfish not to pass them on. Listed below are four main ways to bring some Saint Patty’s Day fun to your team. Don’t forget that you can use your Kudos Announcements feature and/or a Custom Page to inform your team about the event!

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