How Oregon Community Credit Union Fuels Engagement Through a Culture of Recognition

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OCCU is a not-for-profit credit union, with an expanding network of branches and digital tools to provide its more than 270,000 member-owners with a full suite of financial services.


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Oregon Community Credit Union (OCCU) values its employees as key drivers of its success, recognizing the importance of acknowledging their hard work and contributions. With the transition to remote work in 2020, OCCU put more emphasis on employee engagement, including an effective recognition program.  

This led to a partnership with Kudos to reinforce OCCU’s core values of tenacity, humility, and big-heartedness, aiming to enrich the lives of its members, employees, and the wider community. OCCU has leveraged the Kudos platform to enable a culture of recognition at every organizational level, reflected in increased engagement scores and positive feedback on the program from the team. Kudos not only facilitates an environment where employees feel valued and heard but also aligns with OCCU's goals to create a vibrant, engaging workplace.

In partnering with Kudos, our focus on providing an industry-leading employee experience has been magnified by providing a tool for our team members to recognize and celebrate the tremendous efforts they give every day in service of our members.

Russ Kukini

People Experience Business Partner, OCCU

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How Oregon Community Credit Union Fuels Engagement Through a Culture of Recognition