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Make recognition even more rewarding with Kudos Points & Rewards.

Kudos Rewards

Amplify recognition with incredible employee rewards

Give your employees access to a world-class suite of rewards, no matter where they are. Merchandise, events, travel, charities, gift cards and even custom rewards unique to your company. Adding an employee reward program through points to your employee recognition experience is a fantastic way to support engagement  and augment compensation.

Employee incentive gifts that fit your culture and your budget

Kudos’ employee rewards and recognition programs storefront is highly configurable, allowing you to build your experience around what matters most to you and your employees. Curate a reward & recognition catalog that that speaks to your values, your brand, and needs of your team.

Pay no transaction fees or hidden costs

At Kudos, we keep rewards budgeting simple, because our focus is on building cultures of meaningful recognition. Rewards can play an important role in employees feeling supported and engaged – so we don’t charge extra fees that would only wind up impacting their rewards experience.

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Leading a corporate culture is no easy task – we get it, and we’re here to help. Our amazing team of recognition and culture experts will guide you through everything you need to know to be successful with Kudos. And we’ll support you throughout your recognition journey.

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