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A screenshot of the Kudos platformA screenshot of the Kudos platform

Build Your HR Strategy on Insightful People Data

With Kudos People Analytics, you can measure performance and participation, track how individuals and departments work together, and gain a deeper understanding of the health of your culture.

People Analytics

Help employees express themselves

The best way to find out how employees are feeling at their job is to ask them directly. With anonymous monthly Pulse Surveys, Kudos gives employees a safe space to let you know what’s working and what isn’t. This empowers you to make informed decisions on how to help.

Pulse Surveys
A screenshot of the Kudos platformA screenshot of the Kudos platform

Inspire a Habit of Recognition

The Kudos® Culture Accelerator combines expert guidance with professionally designed, in-app campaigns to fast-track your journey to a powerful, recognition-centered culture. Set your culture in motion!

Kudos Culture Accelerator

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Give your culture a chance to shine

How you recognize your employees should reflect your unique culture. We built the Kudos platform as highly configurable because impactful recognition requires authenticity. Check out all the ways you can put your values, goals, and brand at the forefront of your recognition experience.

Make It Your Own
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Recognizing Generational Diversity

Your guide to building a culture of recognition in today’s multigenerational workplace.

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