Employee Milestones

Celebrating years of service and the moments that matter.

Employee Milestone Award Programs

Seize every opportunity to celebrate years of service, birthdays, and other milestones that matter to your employees. Kudos makes sure that birthdays, work anniversaries, and other big moments like onboarding completion are all recognized.

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Set the tone for great culture

Get new employees on board with your culture of recognition right off the bat with new employee and onboarding milestones, shared with the whole company on the Kudos wall.

Automated employee anniversary recognition

Recognize team members who have grown with your organization. With automated work anniversary milestones, everyone in the company can celebrate and congratulate their commitment to seeing your shared goals come to fruition. A modern approach to traditional years of service programs.

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Celebrate employee birthdays!

When you observe important employee life events, it makes team members feel seen and appreciated. And what could be more important than a birthday? Celebrating birthdays on the Kudos wall lets everyone send well-wishes to the birthday person.

Revitalize your recognition program

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Give your culture a chance to shine

How you recognize your employees should reflect your unique culture. We built the Kudos platform as highly configurable because impactful recognition requires authenticity. From years of service badges to special project milestones, put your values, goals, and brand at the forefront of your recognition experience.

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Making a Case for Employee Recognition

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