Kudos® Trademarks

Kudos®, Inc. (“Kudos®”) trademarks are some of our most valuable company assets, and as such, we will uphold our rights and ask that you use our trademarks properly for us to maintain our brand’s integrity. 

These Kudos® Trademark Use Guidelines will assist you in recognizing the proper and improper uses of trademarks owned by Kudos® and/or its affiliates (the “Kudos® Trademarks”). The Kudos® Trademarks) include all registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks (including words, logos, slogans, or a combination thereof) owned by Kudos® or its affiliates, including those listed in the Kudos® Trademark List provided below.

1.     Permissible Uses of Kudos® Trademarks

            Except for parties informed otherwise or otherwise bound by contractual restrictions, permissible uses of the Kudos® Trademarks include the following:

a.    Referring to Kudos® Products or Services. You may use the Kudos® Trademarks nominally to refer to our products or services. This does not include the use of our logos, which must be expressly authorized by Kudos® (please see Section 2.c below).

b.    Indicating Compatibility with Kudos® Products. You may use Kudos® Trademarks to show that your product or service is compatible with ours by displaying a referential phrase such as “for use with the Kudos® platform” or “compatible with the Kudos® platform.”

c.    Partners.  Authorized Kudos® Partners may use the Kudos® Trademarks in promotional, sales, and advertising materials to refer to goods and services offered by Kudos® in accordance with terms set forth in a separate agreement between Kudos® and such parties. Unaffiliated third-parties may only use the Kudos® Trademarks as is reasonably necessary, and where such use is accompanied by a disclaimer of any sponsorship, affiliation with, or endorsement by Kudos®.

2.    Prohibited Uses

a.     Company, Product or Service Names, Domain Names, or Social Media Profiles. Do not use, register, or incorporate any of the Kudos® Trademarks in any part of your company, product, or service name. Likewise, you may not register a domain name or create any social media account, username, page, group, or handle that incorporates any of the Kudos® Trademarks in a way that is likely to confuse the public as to whether a website, page, or account is controlled by, affiliated with, or sponsored by Kudos®.

b.     Incorporating any of the Kudos® Trademarks in an app name, logo, or slogan, including where the app is published on the very same platforms that host apps published by Kudos® under any of the Kudos® Trademarks is highly likely to create confusion, mistake, or deception, may constitute a violation of the terms of use adopted by such platform(s), and could result in the removal of the app from the platform(s). In addition to enforcing its rights in the Kudos® Trademarks under applicable unfair competition statutes and common law, Kudos® may seek to enforce its rights by contacting and/or filing complaints directly with platforms that host apps that use confusingly similar app names, logos, or slogans, and seeking appropriate relief.

c.     Using Logos Without Permission. The use of any Kudos® logo is not permitted without prior written permission. To request permission to use the Kudos® logo, please e-mail trademarks@kudos.com.

3.    Dos and Don'ts

a.    DO Use Appropriate Symbols. Please refer to our Kudos® Trademark List below, which shows the proper trademark symbol (either ® or ™) to be used for attribution in the first and most prominent use of the mark.

b.    DO Use Kudos® Trademarks as Adjectives. When referring to our products, please follow uses of the Kudos® Trademarks with a generic descriptor.

        Correct: Get the Kudos® platform to help you effectively engage people in your organization .

        Incorrect: Give Kudos® to engage people in your organization.

c.     DO NOT Modify Kudos® Trademarks.  Do not dilute our trademarks by shortening, abbreviating, or otherwise altering our trademarks and logos.

        Correct: Kudos®

        Incorrect: Kudo's

d.    DO Use the Proper Attribution Statement. Any products, marketing collateral, advertisements, web pages, manuals, or other promotional materials that include any of the Kudos® Trademarks should include the following statement:

                Kudos® and the Kudos® Logo, [insert other Kudos® Trademarks used, if any] are trademarks of Kudos®, Inc., some registered in the United States and elsewhere. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

e.    DO Accurately Represent Yourself and Your Company. If your product or service is compatible with a Kudos® product or service, but you are not an authorized Kudos® Partner, add a clear disclaimer to your website or other publication.

If you have questions about our trademarks or would like to report the misuse of our trademarks by others, please e-mail us at trademarks@kudos.com

Kudos® Trademark List

Listed below are some of the registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks owned by Kudos®, Inc. and/or its affiliates in Canada, the United States and other countries. The absence of any trademark or service mark from this list does not waive Kudos®’s intellectual property rights with respect to that mark.

Word Marks


Kudos Card®

Kudos Rewards®

Kudos. Thank Different.®

Thank Different®


Culture Biorhythm™  

Kudos® Culture Accelerator™



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