Frequently Asked Questions

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Understanding Employee Recognition

What is employee recognition?

What is employee recognition software?

Why is employee recognition important?

What are some effective ways to recognize employees?

How often should employees be recognized?

Can employee recognition be too frequent or excessive?

Can employee recognition be given for individual and team achievements?

Can employee recognition be given by managers, peers, and even customers?

What is an example of meaningful recognition?

Can I recognize a person privately if I know the receiver is a shy person?

Can I send recognition to someone not on the platform?

Strategy & Implementation

Can employee recognition be part of a broader employee engagement strategy?

How can HR professionals implement employee recognition programs?

What are some potential challenges of implementing employee recognition programs?

What are some best practices to encourage employees to participate in recognition?

How can I share the value of a recognition program with my leaders to help secure a budget?

How can I use Kudos to strengthen our company values?

How does employee recognition impact company culture?

Measurement & Analytics

How can HR professionals measure the effectiveness of employee recognition programs?

How can you incorporate recognition into performance management?

Rewards & Incentives

Can employee recognition be given in the form of rewards and incentives?

What rewards are available through the Kudos platform?

What rewards & incentives are the most effective?

What is employee rewards and recognition software?

What role do rewards and recognition have in the workplace?

Awards & Nominations

Can employee recognition be given through public recognition, such as awards or ceremonies?

Should company milestones like birthdays and anniversaries be included in a recognition program?