Attention: Please Update Your Bookmarks

The Kudos Kids App is now Spot.lite

As of August 20, 2019, the Kudos social app for kids is now named spot.lite and has been permanently relocated to a new web domain. 

Please update your online bookmarks and links to reflect this change. To access the spot.lite app for kids, please visit


The web domain is now the property of Kudos, Inc. a business technology company.


About Kudos, Inc.

Kudos is a Canadian Business Technology company that has developed an online employee relationship and culture platform that serves mid-market and enterprise organizations in over 80 countries, across 24 verticals and in eight languages. Organizations are using Kudos to virtualize employee recognition, feedback, and organizational communications, as well as gain more insight into their People Analytics.  Kudos has been proven to reduce turnover, improve culture, and boost performance.

Kudos is a pioneer in creating social, core values-based recognition and feedback systems that create team unity, engagement and drive business performance. The company continues to innovate by introducing data-driven models that uncover the predictive connections between business decisions and organizational health; and the transformational relationships that exist between employees as well as between the employee and the employer.  With these insights, organizations are making better decisions, achieving better business outcomes, and establishing themselves as global culture champions.

The Kudos platform is a private and secure, customizable social intranet that is designed to promote an organization’s brand and culture. 

For more information about Kudos, Inc. please visit