Simplify everything.

Use your communication tools for recognition

Sending recognition can fit easily into the communication tools that your team is already accustomed to. Kudos recognition messages can be sent and received through Teams, Outlook and Slack. One more way that Kudos makes it easy to build a habit of recognition.

Let Kudos do the heavy lifting

User provisioning? No problem. Kudos integrates easily with just about every HRIS platform out there to help you get all your users on board, whether they are full time employees or outside contractors. Everyone deserves recognition for a job well done, and Kudos gets your whole team started in no time.

Remove sign-in hurdles

Sending a message of recognition shouldn’t get held up by a clunky sign-in process. With Kudos, users can sign in using a wide variety of services, saving your team from having to create yet another online login identity.

Ask us about other integrations

Let us know what you’re working with, and chances are we can integrate easily with your HRIS systems using the powerful Kudos API.

Give your culture a chance to shine

How you recognize your employees should reflect your unique culture. We built the Kudos platform as highly configurable because impactful recognition requires authenticity. Check out all the ways you can put your values, goals, and brand at the forefront of your recognition experience.

Make It Your Own

Recognition can mean the difference between people doing their job and loving their job.

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The Impact of Employee Recognition Across Industries

Employee recognition differs by industry. Knowing how to use it strategically can have an undeniable impact on your business’ success.

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