AI-powered Recognition Assistant

Make sending recognition easier and more accessible

Seamless technology meets genuine gratitude

The Kudos® Recognition Assistant revolutionizes the way you recognize and reward team efforts. Built into the Kudos platform, this artificial intelligence-powered tool simplifies crafting personalized and heartfelt messages, making recognition both meaningful and effortless.

Maximize impact with tailored recognition

Craft messages that resonate deeply and motivate profoundly. With one click, the Recognition Assistant turns your notes into a complete message which you can customize or revert to your draft as needed.

A screenshot of Kudos Recognition Assistant
Office worker using the Kudos Recognition Assistant on a laptop

A Recognition Assistant Designed with Purpose

Create an environment where every milestone and achievement receives the acknowledgment it deserves. The Recognition Assistant is designed to support your team in overcoming common challenges in sending recognition, ensuring that neither language barriers nor busy schedules impede heartfelt recognition.

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