Employee Recognition Awards & Nominations

Celebrate extraordinary accomplishments.

Customized and Engaging Employee Award Programs

Build innovative, measurable, and impactful employee awards programs that are unique to your company and your culture.

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A screenshot of the Kudos platform

Recognize top performers with awards tied to employee incentive points

Use Kudos to create awards that your employees will be proud to receive. Awards that reflect your company culture, your business objectives, and your brand. Exemplary achievements deserve memorable recognition.

Empower employees to advocate for each other with nomination-based award programs

Set up nomination-based awards, and let employees tell you who has gone above and beyond. Custom nomination forms give employees the opportunity to tell a deeper story about colleagues that they admire. Schedule and segment your award nomination programs as needed.

A screenshot of the Kudos platform
A screenshot of the Kudos platform

Celebrate milestones with automated employee service awards

Birthdays, work anniversaries, and other notable dates – like onboarding completion – are enormously important to your employees. Learn how easy it is to recognize these moments with Kudos.

Employee Milestones

Recognition can mean the difference between people doing their job and loving their job.

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