Group eCards

Personalized recognition for every occasion

Celebrate every moment that matters as a team

Kudos eCards are perfect for celebrating work anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, family milestones, and more. Group eCards extend Kudos' approach to recognition, by providing a versatile tool for acknowledging important milestones, ensuring no moment goes unnoticed.

Create a connected and engaged workplace

Group eCards are a unique way to enhance your employee experience and strengthen employee connections. Designed for modern workplaces, Kudos eCards bridge the gap between remote, hybrid, and in-office teams, helping everyone participate in the celebration.

A screenshot of the Kudos platformA screenshot of the Kudos platform

A new way to send recognition

Kudos eCards are more than digital cards; they are a tool for meaningful recognition that’s included with every Kudos platform. Celebrating both small and big moments reinforces a culture of appreciation throughout your organization, and builds connected teams.

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