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12 Fun Employee Appreciation Awards

Employee Appreciation Day is the official day to thank employees for their contributions to your organization.

12 Fun Employee Appreciation Awards

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Employee Appreciation Day is the official day to thank employees for their contributions to your organization. While we at Kudos are firm believers in treating every day as Employee Appreciation Day, we love the fact that it’s official on March 1, 2019. Recognition and appreciation can boost morale, increase employee engagement and reduce turnover.

Here’s the secret behind it all - be genuine and unique. What works for one organization may not necessarily work for another. And forced recognition could backfire and result in disenchanted employees.

To make it really easy, we’ve put together a list of easy awards to hand out to your employees on Employee Appreciation Day!

Coffee Connoisseur

Is there an employee who tastes a cup of coffee and can immediately pinpoint whether it’s an Arabica or a Robusta bean? Do you know someone on your team who can ruminate on the brewing intricacies of the AeroPress versus the Chemex? If you answered yes, then they are the perfect candidate for the Coffee Connoisseur award!

Walking Wikipedia

Did you know that peanuts are used as an ingredient for dynamite? Or that the shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes? This award is dedicated to employees that seem to know almost everything about anything.

Office DJ

According to Plato, music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Award this to the employee who always gets asked to play their songs on the office speaker and who knows the perfect song to create just the right mood.

Martha Stewart

From cookies to brownies, potato salad to curries, this award is for the employee whose dishes and treats always result in a stampede to the kitchen.

Smiley Desk Employee Appreciation


Like a house, there’s always something that’s broken in an office. Hand out this award to the employee who’s fixing things from weird bugs in the system to that annoying flickering light in the hall.

Social Director

Team bowling? Brazilian barbecue before a long weekend? Group Karaoke? This award is for the employee who knows that a team that works hard should play hard - together.

Fitness Fanatic

With Health and Wellness being a top priority for many organizations, award your healthiest team member for putting wellbeing (mental, physical, emotional or financial) at the top of their list.

Dishwasher Director

My mother always told me that the dishes didn’t clean themselves. So hand this award to the employee who’s always working the dishwasher and keeping those dishes clean!

Employee Appreciation Trophy

The Bermuda Triangle

Have you seen my pen? Didn’t you put your ruler on your desk before you left the office yesterday? Where did all those paperclips go? Perhaps you should check the desk of the office Bermuda Triangle - where all the office supplies inexplicably end up!

Client Whisperer

Frustrated clients or team members often head to this employee for calm, zen-like empathy. Be sure to award them with this title, so they know their peaceful, positive vibes are appreciated!

Glengarry Glen Ross Award

Coffee is for closers only! Award this title to the employee who lives by the motto “Always Be Closing” and closes deals like they’re going out of style.

Caution Captain

Do you know where your office first aid kit is? What are the steps for CPR? Workplace Safety is a growing concern for many organizations, so be sure to recognize the employees who make safety their top priority.

At Kudos, we’d like to make every day Employee Appreciation Day because we believe that recognition should be given for the big things and the small things. Book a call with us, and we’ll show you how recognition can elevate your workplace culture, boost employee morale and improve employee engagement.

From the Kudos team to yours, Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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