CAAT Sees Improved Employee Engagement by Putting Values First

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Financial Services

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In the past, CAAT Pension Plan (CAAT) relied on traditional in-office culture to keep employees engaged and unified toward the company’s mission to provide Canadian workplaces with access to secure, sustainable pensions.

At the start of the pandemic, CAAT faced the same challenge that many organizations did: How do we foster connection and communication remotely? How do we help new remote employees acclimatize to our culture and understand how to live by our values?

CAAT is on a growth trajectory and has significant expansion plans for the next five years. CAAT’s CHRO knows that, as a professional services firm, they won’t get there without an engaged and connected group of people.

Employee goals and objectives directly tie into the operating/strategic plan. It would only make sense for recognition to be part of that too.

Julie Giraldi


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CAAT Sees Improved Employee Engagement by Putting Values First