Calgary Public Library Brings Great Work to the Forefront with Kudos®

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Calgary Public Library

With 21 locations across Calgary, the Calgary Public Library has been inspiring the life stories of Calgarians for over 110 years.


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Calgary, Canada


750–1000 Employees

Discover how Calgary Public Library improved employee engagement, retention, and job satisfaction using Kudos, a leading recognition platform. Calgary Public Library serves over 1.3 million people and has a staff of 800, who work tirelessly to connect people to ideas, inspiration, and insight. When Calgary Public Library learned through employee surveys that recognition was an issue, they knew they had to act.  

The Kudos platform was the perfect choice for Calgary Public Library’s recognition needs, allowing staff to recognize outstanding work as it happened. Today, Kudos allows Calgary Public Library staff to meaningfully recognize the fantastic work happening across all 21 branches every day, creating a true sense of community.

In prioritizing recognition and celebrating the impact of work, Calgary Public Library is building stronger lines of communication systemwide. With this case study, learn how Kudos helped CPL build an extraordinary work environment, increase employee engagement, and improve retention.

If we’re striving to be an innovative organization, then we have to be innovative in how we appreciate and recognize people.

Roberta Kuzyk-Burton

Training and Recognition Specialist, Calgary Public Library

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Calgary Public Library Brings Great Work to the Forefront with Kudos®