How Oliver+ Reinforces Values to Build Stronger Distributed Teams

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Operating fully remotely with employees around the globe, Oliver+ is using Kudos to help reinforce their company values in its distributed workforce. From onboarding to an employee’s last day, Oliver+’s values are instilled throughout the entire employee experience.

Oliver+ attributes its success to regular communication and plenty of opportunities for employees to voice what’s on their minds. Through continuous employee feedback they discovered that what many employees value most, even beyond salary, is knowing that their work is meaningful. They knew a partner like Kudos was the clear choice in helping employees see the meaning and impact of their work.

Through recognition and alignment with company values, Oliver+ has successfully built a sense of community among its employees, even in a completely distributed workforce. It helps people feel like their work is seen.

This is our team. This is our family. And Kudos has helped bring us closer together and make us feel less isolated. We really believe in this.

Andre van der Merwe

General Manager, Oliver+

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How Oliver+ Reinforces Values to Build Stronger Distributed Teams