The Key to Pillar Properties’ Success is Remarkable Culture

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Property Development and Operations
Pillar Properties


Pillar Properties

Specializing in multifamily and development for their sister senior living company, Pillar takes a relationship-based approach to development, asset management, and operations.


Property Development and Operations

Kudos Programs


Seattle, Washington (HQ)


<250 Employees

Pillar Properties is a “culture-first” company.

Its internal mantra, “Quietly Awesome,” guides the decisions they make and the experience they deliver. It’s a philosophy of balancing humility with ambition – constantly seeking to improve people’s way of life and finding solutions to problems no matter what it takes. As a family-owned and operated property developer and manager, in an often transactional and impersonal industry, Pillar treats every relationship like family and seeks deeper connections with clients. This can be a challenge in an industry also known for frequent employee turnover.

Pillar’s leadership team is committed to ensuring their company is a great place to work. To Pillar, the key to retention is making people feel welcome and giving them the tools to do their best work. That’s where Kudos comes in.

Success starts with putting the right people first. Kudos plays a significant role in employee retention, performance, recruitment, and engagement. Our partnership with Kudos started in 2013, and the partnership has grown with our company.

Sierra Berg

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The Key to Pillar Properties’ Success is Remarkable Culture