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Employee Recognition Buyer’s Guide

Your Step-By-Step Companion to Choosing a Recognition Platform

Don’t shop for a product: Shop for a solution.

Are you exploring employee recognition solutions for your organization? This free guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to choose the right employee recognition solution for your company's culture, goals, and budget.

You are the expert on your organization’s needs and what makes your workforce unique – this guide will help you find the perfect partner.

In this guide, you’ll find worksheets designed to lead you to the best choice possible. You’ll get to the bottom of your organization’s needs, who's involved in the decision-making, and, most importantly, how to compare the various software options available to make the best decision.

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Employee Recognition Buyer’s Guide

What you’ll learn:

  • Overview of employee recognition landscape
  • Self-assessment worksheet
  • Key stakeholder identification worksheet
  • Vendor assessment tools
  • Guide to building your business case & measuring ROI
  • Complete platform evaluation checklist

Recognition shouldn’t just focus on tenure, milestones, or years of service but rather on an employee’s daily contribution and effort.

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