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2023 Best Culture Awards

Presented by Kudos®

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Application Deadline Extended to October 27, 2023!

The Best Culture Awards are back and bigger than ever!

This year’s program features two new categories:

  • Culture of the Year Award, an extra special accolade for an extra special culture
  • Engagement Excellence Award, for organizations committed to employee engagement with cultures to watch (by nomination only, not open to Kudos clients)

And our popular categories are back:

  • Culture Leader Award, for organizations with powerful cultures driving quantitative change
  • Culture Innovator Award, for organizations taking a unique approach to building culture
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About the Best Culture Awards:

HR professionals, like you, are working tirelessly to create a great culture and boost employee engagement – and we are impressed.

We’re proud to recognize that hard work with the 3rd Annual Best Culture Awards, presented by Kudos.

Winning this award will showcase your unique culture and the amazing people that make up your organization.

The right culture can help employees fulfill their need for meaning and purpose at work, leading to improved workplace happiness, better work, and great retention rates.

Great workplaces also have higher levels of productivity and better financial performance.

Why apply?

Winners will receive:

  • A full communications package, including a digital award badge to display on your website, social media graphics, and a pre-written press release
  • Digital assets for your Kudos platform (Kudos clients only)
  • Recognition in a formal press release and social media post by Kudos
  • A case study about your company’s work with Kudos shared on (Kudos clients only)
  • A boost in EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to help attract top talent
  • Serious bragging rights!
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Apply today to attract top talent, build your employer brand and delight your team.

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Award Categories

Culture of the Year

Culture Leader

Culture Innovator

Excellence in Employee Engagement

Selection Process

  1. Complete the Application Form (we want to hear your story!)
  2. Applications and Interviews will be evaluated by the selection committee based on the following criteria (total of 10 points available):

Up to 5 points for Effort & Impact:
Did your application provide examples of dedicated programs and initiatives to improve employee experience and culture, including examples of how Kudos is used in those initiatives?

Up to 5 points for Leadership & Results:
Did your application provide examples and proof points that the efforts to improve culture through Kudos have benefited organizational results and employee performance?

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Application Tip

Check out some examples on how you can measure the impact of culture changes below!

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What's next?

Winners will be announced in November 2023.

2022 Winners

See full list of 2022 winners here.

9 Examples of Positive Culture Change & Culture Impact

  1. Fewer Regrettable Resignations

    Are you keeping your best people? Regrettable resignations are when people you did not want to go leave.

  2. Turnover

    Consider all departures. Are you experiencing lower turnover and/or is it trending in a positive direction? Are you hitting your retention goals?

  3. Absenteeism

    Fewer unplanned sick days taken – an indicator of employee wellness.

  4. eNPS

    Are you see improvements in employee sentiment and/or a more consistent high score in your desired range?

  5. Referrals

    Has the number of employee referrals for new hires increased?

  1. Feedback

    Has your team score in surveys around feeling valued and appreciated improved and trending in the right direction?

  2. Performance

    Has your company/departments hit more of your goals consistently?

  3. Exit interviews

    Have people’s reasons for leaving changed? (External vs. Internal reasons)

  4. Accolades and Awards

    Have you been recognized as a ‘best place to work’ or leader in your sector? Do you think your culture and commitment to recognition contributed to that?

Applications Now Open!

2023 Best Culture Awards

Presented by Kudos

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