Kudos® Unveils Group eCards to Elevate Employee Recognition


Mar 13, 2024

Kudos® Unveils Group eCards to Elevate Employee Recognition

CALGARY, Alberta –[March 13, 2024] – Kudos®, a leading employee recognition & rewards, culture, and analytics platform, today announced the launch of its Group eCards feature, designed to enhance workplace celebrations and appreciation. This new feature enables leaders to send personalized virtual greeting cards (eCards) signed by everyone on the team, celebrating everything from work anniversaries and promotions to personal milestones like birthdays and new babies, all within the Kudos platform.

"Up until now, organizations have struggled with using different products to meet their goals around peer-to-peer recognition, rewards and eCards," said Muni Boga, President and CEO at Kudos."With the introduction of Group eCards in Kudos, we're helping leaders strengthen team bonds and enhance the employee experience by making recognition more personal, inclusive, and accessible for everyone."

Kudos Group eCards complement the platform's popular suite of recognition and engagement tools, including Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Rewards, Employee Nomination Programs and the newly released PulseSurveys.  

"We have seen how the power of recognition can transform a workplace culture," Muni Boga continued. "With Group eCards, we're excited to offer our users a new way to recognize, and celebrate their teams' most important moments, together."

Kudos is committed to helping organizations worldwide build high-performance teams by enabling individuals to reach their full potential at work. For more information on the Kudos platform and the new Group eCards feature, visit kudos.com/platform/group-ecards.


Media contact: Margaux Morgante, press@kudos.com

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Kudos is an employee engagement, culture, and analytics platform, that harnesses the power of peer-to-peer recognition, values reinforcement, and open communication to help organizations boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive productivity and performance. Kudos uses unique proprietary methodologies to deliver essential people analytics on culture, performance, equity, and inclusion, providing organizations with deep insights and a clear understanding of their workforce.

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