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Kudos Analytics

Dashboards, Reports, and Leaderboards

Be prepared to feel like a kid in an HR analytics candy store. Kudos Analytics is an interactive, visual buffet of easy-to-interpret information and statistics on:

  • Engagement Dashboard
  • Activity Report
  • Messages Summary Report
  • Messages Report
  • Quality & Values Report
  • User Status Report
  • Point & Reward Report
  • User Leaderboards
  • Group Leaderboards
  • Location Leaderboards
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KQ® Analytics

Exclusive to Kudos is KQ Analytics. KQ stands for Kudos Quality and goes to the heart of an individual's performance profile, as well as value and behaviour alignment. If you're focused on building a high-performance organization that lives and breathes your values, you'll want KQ.

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Culture Biorhythm®

Another exclusive to Kudos is the Culture Biorhythm, which provides insight into your organization’s health from a culture perspective. If you are interested in measuring the performance of your culture – and how it changes over time – the Culture Biorhythm is a must.

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Manager & Executive Reports

Time is of the essence and leaders need access to quick insights! We have them. Talk to us about our Manager & Executive Packages and take the value of your Recognition Program to the next level! The ROI Level!

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