Kudos vs. achievers

Flexibility & Ease-of-use Give
Kudos the Advantage Over Achievers

Achievers is a popular platform, but lacks Kudos’ flexibility and
ease-of-use. Kudos also offers incredible global rewards and powerful people analytics.

The team enjoys aBBQ at the Kudos Hub main office in Calgary, AB.

Every culture is different

Recognition needs to be authentic to succeed. Customizing your recognition platform to meet your culture, your goals, and your brand is a huge step toward achieving that. Kudos enables customization with personalized recognition programs, awards, and badges, along with a huge variety of integrations. Achievers, on the other hand lacks the same level of flexibility and customization, making the overall experience more generic.

Recognition should be easy

Kudos is known for being intuitive and user-friendly, whereas Achievers can sometimes feel cluttered, making it difficult for employees to find what they're looking for. Client admins also need to submit change requests in Achievers, which are often completed at a cost to the client. Kudos is always there to support you and we never charge for standard support.

The team enjoys aBBQ at the Kudos Hub main office in Calgary, AB.

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Kudos Rewards

Kudos' best-in-class rewards

Both Kudos and Achievers offer a range of rewards to employees, including gift cards and merchandise. Kudos has the edge, however, with access to over 10,000,000 rewards, sourced and delivered locally in 186 countries.

Most importantly, points and rewards with Kudos are always optional and scalable.

Powerful people analytics

Kudos lets you track performance, employee engagement, and program effectiveness in a way that no other platform can. Analytics are powered by our proprietary “Performance Recognition” approach, where every message of recognition is calibrated to a level of impact, and to company values.

A screenshot of the Kudos platformA screenshot of the Kudos platform
The team enjoys aBBQ at the Kudos Hub main office in Calgary, AB.

Industry-leading support

Kudos isn't just a recognition platform. We're your partners in culture-building through recognition. The Kudos customer service team consistently receives near-perfect scores for our amazing technical and strategic support.

In Conclusion

A focus on recognition, a more intuitive user interface, greater customization, and comprehensive global rewards. Kudos is an excellent platform for companies looking to create a culture of recognition, engagement, and appreciation for their employees.

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At Kudos, we’re often asked what sets us apart from other recognition and rewards platforms. In this series of platform comparisons, we compile feedback that we have gathered from client and prospect conversations, along with information gathered from review sites such as G2, Capterra, and others, where Kudos consistently outscores competitors. While functionality across competitors is comparable, these sites are good indicator of client satisfaction and tend to echo what we hear in conversation with our existing clients.

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