Kudos vs. Worktango (Formerly Kazoo)

Kudos Focuses on Recognition,
Worktango Includes It as a Feature

At Kudos, recognition is at the very core of what we do. At Worktango, recognition is a small part of a much more complicated platform, which limits the effectiveness of recognition.

The team enjoys aBBQ at the Kudos Hub main office in Calgary, AB.

The team at Worktango deserves some recognition

They have built a platform that does a lot. The recognition component of Worktango (Kazoo) was initially built as a rewards-centric recognition platform. Since then, the recognition functionality has essentially been amalgamated into a much more complex platform.

At Kudos, recognition is what we do

At Kudos, recognition isn't just one of many features – it's who we are. This focus has enabled us to create the best solution in the employee recognition space, where every feature is geared toward strengthening culture through the power of recognition. We also focus on recognition first over rewards. Sure, Kudos users can incorporate points and world-class rewards, but ultimately, it’s the  recognition that makes the biggest impact.

The team enjoys aBBQ at the Kudos Hub main office in Calgary, AB.

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Here’s a handful of reasons why people choose to partner with Kudos vs Worktango

Recognition-focused, recognition first

Worktango is a complex platform that offers feedback (both positive and negative), performance management, as well as a recognition tool. There’s a good chance that you have tools in place for some of these objectives.

Kudos is a recognition platform. We put recognition front and center, because we know what kind of impact it can have. We also offer full-featured points and rewards – but that takes a back seat to meaningful, measurable recognition that is tied to your company’s values.

The team enjoys aBBQ at the Kudos Hub main office in Calgary, AB.
The team enjoys aBBQ at the Kudos Hub main office in Calgary, AB.

Levels of recognition

In Kudos, your employees send recognition using one of four levels (Thank You, Good Job, Impressive, and Exceptional). These four levels ensure consistency and enable people and culture analytics that only Kudos offers.

In Worktango, every recognition message is classified the same, and your employees decide how many points they want to send every time they send recognition. This results in inconsistent values for every recognition message and makes deep people and culture analytics impossible.


By putting recognition first, Kudos offers more flexibility, and more inclusion. Through easy-to-use points and rewards eligibility management capabilities in Kudos, your admins can restrict individual users from receiving points and seeing anything related to rewards while still allowing them to give and receive recognition.

The team enjoys aBBQ at the Kudos Hub main office in Calgary, AB.
Kudos team group photo

Industry-leading support

The Kudos support team consistently achieves nearly perfect client satisfaction scores every single month and our clients constantly rave about the quality of support they receive.

The Kudos in-house support team becomes your in-house support team, removing any burden from your IT or HR teams. Your employees can access support via chatbot, support center, and email/phone live agents when needed.

Optional rewards with no hidden costs

In Kudos, rewards are entirely optional. Many of our clients do choose to use rewards, and Kudos never charges any markup, fees, or hidden costs on rewards. Every dollar you invest in rewards goes directly to your employees.

Kudos team group photo
A screenshot of the Kudos platformA screenshot of the Kudos platform

People & culture analytics

In Kudos, every recognition message is calibrated to a specific level of recognition. This creates a rich dataset of people and culture data that you can use to make decisions and measure the impact of your culture initiatives. With built-in Kudos Analytics you can get an instant pulse on morale and performance down to the individual employee level.

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