Supercharge Your Employee Experience with Recognition Done Right


September 28, 2022

Tom Short

X min

47 min

With Tom Short, Co-Founder & CCO at Kudos

Harness the power of employee recognition and HR tech to impact employee experience

In today’s talent market, HR professionals and business leaders are facing unprecedented challenges in attracting, engaging and retaining their people. And this challenge is costly, with 50-60% of Fortune 500 companies’ business spending allocated to labour, including turnover! Understanding how employee expectations, motivations and aspirations have changed in recent years is crucial to creating a meaningful employee experience. From the moment you attract talent to the moment that they exit your organization, and everything in between, employee recognition is vital in increasing retention, aligning teams with your organization’s purpose, and encouraging employee development.

In this webinar, we’ll help you harness the power of employee recognition and HR tech to impact employee experience. We’ll share key, actionable strategies in leadership and workplace practices to deliver an elevated employee experience that is positive, powerful – and human.

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