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Build Employee Engagement Organically

Build Employee Engagement Organically

Yesterday we had the pleasure of announcing our newest Advisory Board Member J.C. Herrera, SVP Human Resources at Lithium Technologies.  Last week I was speaking with J.C. about organizations and culture.  He had some great perspectives on how companies can build the culture they want, and it all begins with listening.   I'd like to take this opportunity to share some of J.C.'s thoughts:

I firmly believe that a strong positive culture drives better results for organizations and it all starts with employee engagement. The right way to drive engagement is to enable it and to help foster it. Spend some time listening and learning. Listen to employees, leaders, your colleagues, partners and customers. I think that there’s a learning opportunity in every interaction.

Once you’ve heard the input, I think you’ll have a much better idea of what type of HR programs resonate with your culture and drive better engagement. I know that in my career there were times when I listened less and thought I knew best. Take what’s worked in the past and just implement it…Fail! Some of the best designed HR programs that worked in my prior lives don’t work today. It’s not because of poor design or shoddy execution. It’s because culturally, it doesn’t make sense.

Take the time to gather the feedback and to learn the culture. It will be time well spent. The best HR programs I’ve been a part of were created cross-functionally and battle tested with employees. Take the time to get input.

The world of work has changed. Gone are the days of pointing employees back to your bonus, spot bonus or some other highly structured reward program in order to recognize great work. While these programs are a good way to align pay for performance, I believe there are other parts of the recognition equation that need attention and the right set of tools to enable them.

Bringing together how people interact with one another along with the need for meaningful recognition is a must. It’s a way to enable recognition and employee engagement to happen organically, naturally and on time.

Kudos helps bring all of these things together in a system that enables your employee social network to foster connections and align people to the culture in a fun way. I believe that it’s interactions like these that drive a positive culture which in turn lead to better results.

J.C.Herrera SVP HR, Lithium Technologies

I would like to personally welcome J.C. to the Kudos team and thank him for sharing. Stay tuned for more organic goodness from J.C.!

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