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Building a Better Work Culture with Tango Card

In this series, we discuss the future of work and organizational culture with these leaders and dive deeper into the evolution of culture, communication and engagement in the workplace.

Building a Better Work Culture with Tango Card

Welcome to the fourth article in our series for Liftoff, an annual event featuring thought leaders, pioneers, and rebels that are making the world of work better. In this series, we discuss the future of work and organizational culture with these leaders and dive deeper into the evolution of culture, communication and engagement in the workplace.

Tango Card is the leader in fulfilling digital rewards and incentives. They bundle easy to use technology, great rewards, and expert service to help companies achieve desired business results and get the most out of their rewards programs. With headquarters in Seattle and offices in Boise and Omaha, their Reward Delivery Platform supports thousands of enterprise clients in the U.S. and globally.

We spoke with Rebecca Hathaway, Sr. Employee Experience Manager at Tango Card about workplace culture and developing an environment where people want to come to work. Read on to learn more!

What are the most significant decisions you make or have made that have had a direct impact on your people and organizational culture?

The decision to make transparency one of our core values has had the biggest impact. Making that choice, then continuing to choose transparency whenever possible, shows our employees that we are making our choices for the betterment of the company and employees as a whole, rather than for individual gains.

How do you encourage a positive and collaborative culture at work?

Monthly company meetings where we update employees not only on project and product updates, any upcoming initiatives, but also the company financials. By sharing our wins with the company, and not just with our teams individually everyone sees the impact of collaboration and what we can achieve. Quarterly company and team events, free lunches, happy hours, and office dogs are also pretty good for overall positive office energy.

What are your top strategies for ensuring your people and activities are aligned with your organizational values?

Our company values are incredibly important to us, and by incorporating our values into our quarterly goals assessments we ensure that they are part of every employee's day-to-day.

What is your best piece of advice for those looking to improve their workplace culture and employee relationships?

Take the time to build trust with employees and put egos aside. We have an open office, no one -  not even the CEO - has an office, so everyone is approachable and no one is elevated in that sense. While it may have its ups and downs an open office truly gives the leadership an opportunity to listen and be aware climate within the office. Up until recently we also took anonymous employee surveys to gauge how people were doing - and if this is a route you choose it is crucial that you let people know what you are doing to address issues presented and not just ignore the feedback given.

To learn more about Tango Card, please visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter. Meet Tango Card at Liftoff 2019 and purchase your ticket at https://www.liftoffcon.com/

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