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Improving Relationships Through Leadership with Sandler Training

Improving Relationships Through Leadership with Sandler Training

Welcome to the sixth article in our series for Liftoff, an annual event featuring thought leaders, pioneers, and rebels that are making the world of work better. In this series, we discuss the future of work and organizational culture with these leaders and dive deeper into the evolution of culture, communication and engagement in the workplace.

Sandler Training has learned that proven success in business or sales requires an individually developed and tailored Professional Development Plan. Just as professional athletes work with sports doctors, coaches and physiotherapists to create a unique plan to allow them to become the world's best, Sandler Training’s clients look to us to create their Professional Development Plans to provide the framework and guidance to achieve success.

We spoke with Hamish Knox from Sandler Training about leadership and improving the employee experience. Read on to learn more!

Where do you think the future of work is headed, and why?

I see the future of work becoming more collaborative and less hierarchical.

There will still be leaders and direct reports but it will be more collaborative than command and control. Even in industries, we see as command and control like the military because access to info is now universal whereas leaders use to hide or obfuscate info from their team members; that is with very few exceptions neither possible or an option today.

What role does a company’s leadership play in fostering a great work culture where employees want to come to work every day?

It is a critical one.

Can you share the best piece of leadership advice you’ve been given, have read, or have heard from others?

Team members pay more attention to their leader's behaviour rather than their words so as a leader make sure your behaviour and your words align.

What is your best piece of advice for those looking to improve their organization’s employee relationships?

  1. Learn how your employees like to give and receive information. As leaders, we tend to be I-centred which means we communicate the way we want to be communicated to. Unfortunately, that means we are not effectively communicating with 51-84% of our team members.
  2. Learn what your employees’ personal goals are and tie achievement of their personal goals to the achievement of your corporate goals all of us work harder for ourselves than for our employers. When our team members feel like we are supporting them in realizing their personal goals we have set the foundation for a highly motivated, engaged and productive team.

To learn more about Sandler Training, please visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter. Meet Sandler Training at Liftoff 2019 and purchase your ticket at https://www.liftoffcon.com/

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