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Wendy Ellen Inc on the Role of HR and Engagement

We spoke with Founder, Wendy Giuffre about HR's role in nurturing great company cultures and how leaders can engage their top talent. Read on to learn more.

Wendy Ellen Inc on the Role of HR and Engagement

Welcome to the second article in our series for Liftoff, an annual event featuring thought leaders, pioneers, and rebels that are making the world of work better. In this series, we discuss the future of work and organizational culture with these leaders and dive deeper into the evolution of culture, communication and engagement in the workplace.

Wendy Ellen Inc. specializes in providing human resource and benefits management skills to small to mid-sized companies on an as-needed basis in sectors as diverse as oil and gas to not for profit to hospitality. From recruitment, Human Resource policy development and legislative compliance, retention and engagement, individual advisor/coaching, succession planning to staff development and performance, Wendy Ellen Inc. will help you protect your most valuable resource, your people.

We spoke with Founder, Wendy Giuffre about HR's role in nurturing great company cultures and how leaders can engage their top talent. Read on to learn more.

What role do you feel HR professionals can play in establishing, then nurturing, a great organizational culture?

HR is there to foster a great environment. Our role is to represent both the employee and the company and ensure both of their interests are looked after. We ensure organizations have the programs, the policies and the ideas in place for a great environment and then guide leadership along the way to maintain and always improve that environment by listening to what the people have to say and interpreting that in a message to leadership in a solution-based way. Our role is to look for innovative ways to enhance wellness and an environment so that your people will love to come to work for you.

When it comes to the future of work, what can companies do to ensure they engage their best assets (their people)?

Listen and then act as best they can to what they’ve heard. There are always ways to engage your people for ideas – follow-through is the key - not meaning that everything everyone wants can happen, but letting your people know their voice is important and that you want to know what you can do to help them be successful.

In your opinion, what role does HR play in helping C-suite and employees embody their organizational values?

HR needs to shape the policies and practices to allow those values to be realized. The programs needs to be based on those values down to performance expectations – how do these values show up at work.  Also ensuring that the values are not lost in the day-to-day activities. Be creative in bringing those values to meetings, lunch n learns, social events, etc.

What is your best piece of advice for those looking to improve their organizations’ employee relationships?

First find out what your people are thinking (through one on ones, stay interviews, surveys etc.); encourage and allow time for the leaders in the organization to really know their people and understand how to help them be successful. Listen and act as best as you can. Make your people the priority – the bottom line will follow with less turnover and engaged and productive people.

To learn more about Wendy Ellen Inc., please visit their website or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn. Meet Wendy at Liftoff 2019 and purchase your ticket at https://www.liftoffcon.com/

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