Kudos Analytics Reference Guide

Here you will find all the resources to help guide you through Kudos Analytics, and answers to important questions you might have.

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Where can you access the admin dashboards?

You’ll find your admin dashboards in the web browser version of Kudos in your menu on the left-hand side of your platform.

Why use admin dashboards:

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”
HR teams are facing unprecedented challenges and demands from all corners of organizations. Questions around recruitment, retention, performance, DEI, employee engagement, and culture are just some of the topics that HR Professionals are exploring. More and more, you are expected to blend your professional instincts with analytical insight to recommend a path forward for your business. People Analytics provides organizations with both an organic and intentional understanding of their company culture and behaviours by representing every individual and team through data. And it strives to do so in a way that enables HR professionals to act and create meaningful change.

Kudos Analytics is built into the platform and included for every client. Displayed on clear, usable dashboards, designed with tiered organizational levels in mind, Kudos Analytics provides valuable insight into a company’s recognition program and culture. From program management and in-depth reporting for Kudos administrators, to performance, morale, organizational cultures and sub-cultures, values, collaboration, and team dynamics, Kudos Analytics provides value to all administrators.

How to use admin dashboards:

Admin dashboards are an amalgamation and update of the existing admin reports you’re familiar with. They are designed to give you a comprehensive view of your organization’s participation on Kudos, Points Balance, Reward Redemptions, and everything in between. Grouping together report data and visualizing it streamlines your reporting, gives you more insight, and eliminates redundancies in reports.

No reports were removed, but we encourage all admins to use the new dashboard to access your report data. Please reach out to your Client Success Manager or support@kudos.com if you can’t find an existing report.  


Are the old Kudos reports going away?
Not right away. Kudos intent is to migrate all clients towards the new dashboards and reports. We will not deprecate the existing reports until we see that adoption of the new Kudos Analytics has grown, and that we have updated the new dashboards to meet our client needs. Notice will be provided when the time comes to deprecate our reports.

Can you provide a list of all available reports?
Kudos Analytics is a combination of dashboards and reports for program administrators. You can view all the available dashboards and reports in your Kudos Analytics here.

I used to run X report, now where do I find Y information?
You can use this support article to learn where the previous data is in your Kudos Analytics.

Can I download my data?
To learn more about how you can download your data in your Kudos Analytics, use this support article.

Is there a dashboard that can help us manage taxable benefits?
Learn more in this support article on how to manage taxable benefits in your Kudos Analytics.

Do we have a dashboard for budgets (allocating spend to different departments)?
You can learn more about the dashboards available in your Kudos Analytics through this support article.

How often is the data refreshed?
The data is refreshed every night. The date and time of the last refresh appear at the top of the dashboard.

Can I change the time range?
Yes, there is a filter that allows you to select a custom time range.

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