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Performance-focused, Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Your employees want to be recognized for their work - often. Employee recognition with Kudos® is different from traditional, rewards-focused programs and software. Kudos® creates sustainable cultural change.

Distinct Levels of Recognition

Highlight incremental levels of performance and contribution with every recognition message.

Honor Achievement

Personalized awards to celebrate important company or team achievements and outstanding individual contributions.

Points & Rewards

Kudos™ can be configured to allot points for every recognition message received, allowing employees to redeem from an extensive catalog of gift cards and other rewards of your choice.

Core Values Alignment

Employee recognition is most effective when it’s tied back to the behaviors that your organization values.
With Kudos®, every recognition message sent is linked to those behaviors.

Your Culture

Your values are the foundation of your culture and at the core of your recognition program in Kudos®.

Behaviors & Qualities

Behaviors and qualities are the practical representation of how your values are lived day-to-day, and a key part of every message sent.

A Peer-to-Peer Community

Share memories, communicate good news, and celebrate achievements together on the Kudos® Wall.
The impact and visibility of recognition is increased through comments and endorsements.

Culture & People Analytics

Demystify the complex relationships across your organization and identify trends in interdepartmental collaboration. Kudos® Analytics allows you to proactively improve your culture.

Culture Reinforcement Tools

Amplify the impact of your investments in culture with a suite of functionality designed to reinforce and accelerate your culture.

Culture Accelerator

Leverage the Culture Accelerator™ to amplify and streamline your culture initiatives. These creative, custom programs help keep culture top of mind.

Spaces & Galleries

Store memories, showcase your company culture and create custom content with Kudos® Spaces and Albums.

Accessible Anywhere

Office, remote, frontline healthcare workers, technicians on the manufacturing line, and everything in between - Kudos® is accessible to everyone.

Seamless Integrations

Save time and make the transition to Kudos® effortless by integrating with the software that your employees already use and love.

Chat & Collaboration

Send and receive Kudos without leaving your organization’s existing software.

Access & SSO

Your team can sign into Kudos®

User Provisioning

Streamline admin time by automatically syncing your employee data into Kudos® from your existing HRIS software.

Browser Extensions

Send and receive recognition from anywhere online with a simple browser extension.

Other Integrations

Leverage our open API (for existing clients only) to create custom integrations.

The ROI of Recognition

A Kudos®-powered culture pays dividends by putting performance recognition and employee engagement first.

Engaged Workforce

Employee engagement leads to improved happiness, quality of work, and productivity.

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Reduced Turnover

Turnover is expensive. When employees feel engaged, appreciated, and valued - they are more likely to stay.

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Stronger Culture

A culture of recognition founded in your values fosters belonging, engagement, and productivity.

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Improved Performance

When employees are recognized and appreciated for their efforts, levels of discretionary effort increase.

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People Analytics

Measure performance and morale to predict turnover and drive culture through deep insights.

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Inclusion & Belonging

Gain visibility into inclusion and belonging through the observation of recognition patterns.

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The Complete Employee Recognition Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to choose the best recognition partner for your organization, from budgeting strategies to identifying stakeholders and much, much more.

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