Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Build your culture on a foundation of recognition.

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Make messages meaningful & measurable

Receiving a recognition message in Kudos means a lot – for your employees and for your business intelligence. Every message identifies both a level of impact and a connection to company values, providing the basis for incredibly valuable people data. This is what we call Performance Recognition.

Create deeper connections through shared experiences

The Kudos Wall can be inspiring. It reminds employees that they are part of a team working toward common goals. It fosters a sense of togetherness and community. A place to celebrate each other’s achievements, and to see your company values in action.

Kudos Rewards

Delight employees with world-class rewards

The option to collect points and earn rewards is a great way to motivate employees and craft your own Kudos experience. An almost limitless rewards catalog and no transaction fees make Kudos Rewards a fantastic way to make your recognition experience more exciting.

Points & Rewards

Continuous cultural improvement

Kudos gives you the power to measure, understand, and communicate cultural trends with tools like Sentiment Surveys and People Analytics.

Culture Measurement
A screenshot of the Kudos platformA screenshot of the Kudos platform

Recognition can mean the difference between people doing their job and loving their job.

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Recognition Your Team Will Love

You should never hesitate to send recognition, but when your message is meaningful, it has the most impact.

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