A Community Bank with a Big Heart

This month, we'd like to highlight a very special client who has been with us since the very beginning and implements really cool programs to ensure its employees are engaged and motivated to continue to perform their best.

Kudos: What innovative ways are you using Kudos to engage the team?

Deb: We love the social aspect of the program the best. In just a few clicks, our staff members can give timely recognition to one another. The visibility for all staff to see encourages them to get involved as well. Our goal is to have 100% participation.

Kudos: Do you ever send recognition externally? To whom and why?

Deb: Initially, staff was asked to send at least three recognition messages to any of our bank’s business customers. The feedback from those clients was astounding, and it solidifies the reasons why we are a community-driven bank. Since then, Kudos has been utilized externally not only for business purposes but also to recognize the personal achievements of all our customers.

Kudos: Do you have any contests or group goals?

Deb: Our company thrives on team challenges throughout the year and Kudos is incorporated within those challenges. For example, points are earned for sending all of your assigned points for the month, for being a top receiver and sending external recognition. With our challenges held throughout the year, teams are selected and led by a team captain. The Kudos program allows captains to communicate and coach team members.

Kudos: Have you noticed any changes in behaviour and performance since implementing Kudos?

Deb: Engaged employees are motivated to a higher level of commitment to the organization. The Kudos program is a valuable resource to motivate staff and boost overall company performance. The vast majority of employees want to be rewarded and recognized for their efforts. Things that may have been missed or unseen in the past are now recognized. With Kudos usage continuing to increase, we can see enthusiasm and passion in the office flourish.

“Things that may have been missed or unseen in the past are now recognized. With Kudos usage continuing to increase, we can see enthusiasm and passion in the office flourish.”

Kudos: What are the measurable benefits you have observed from using Kudos?

Deb: As a Kudos Administrator, I can run detailed reports to get a high-level overview of the company engagement levels. Engaged employees offer significantly higher levels of service to customers and want to contribute to the organization’s success. With the era of technology and less and less face time with customers and one another, a program such as Kudos is a critical success factor. And for a community bank, customer service is what it is all about.

How cool is that?! CNB’s experience confirms recent research that an engaged team leads to engaged customers, which leads to a market leadership position and higher profits.

If you want to read more about the research and findings on how Employee Engagement can significantly contribute to your achieving your goals, this is a great article by Kevin Kruse.

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