Here Are 7 Awesome Engagement Tips for Organizations

More leaders and organizations are paying closer attention to employee engagement, the spectrum of psychological, emotional and social needs employees have to meet in order to perform well, connect with their organization, and find purpose in their work. 

And for good reason, too. 

Employees that are truly engaged are more productive, make customers happier, and are less likely to leave their organizations. Moreover, companies with engaged teams have 12% higher profitability. 

But engagement doesn’t always come naturally nor easily to organizations. 

69% of professionals agree that engagement is a significant issue in their organization, and 96% feel strongly that it’s critical for their company to address these employee engagement problems. Here in Canada, where Kudos is based, 34% of Canadian companies aren’t doing anything to foster or implement recognition in their organizations while only 27% of Canadian organizations are succeeding at employee recognition and engagement!

What can organizations do to foster more engagement?

Check out our top tips and try implementing one or two (or more!) as part of an engagement strategy today!
  1. Set clear (but realistic goals) - By focusing on performance management as a key driver of employee engagement, leaders can help their teams set clear, achievable goals that allow them to truly contribute to the organization.

  2. Let employees own their tasks - Micromanagement is a serious issue many employees experience during their tenure with a company, and leaders who don’t allow their teams to own their tasks and achieve results end up stifling top talent. Give employees the room they need to grow and take on new challenges!

  3. Communicate with employees regularly - Forget annual performance reviews or monthly team meetings; in today’s modern workplace, employees want frequent communication, support, and mentoring from their leaders. Meet with teams or fellow employees in your department daily, or have regular ‘recons’ (short meetings) to ensure everyone has touched base, is aware of concerns, and is supported where they need to be.

  4. Don’t discount authentic recognition - A study by Gallup revealed that, while money matters to some extent, it isn’t the top form of recognition that employees appreciate. On the contrary, employees want frequent, meaningful recognition from their leaders for their contributions, which is why many organizations use Kudos! We make it simple and fun to give recognition wherever and whenever it’s due.

  5. Offer opportunities to develop and be challenged - Many employees crave the opportunity to learn, grow, and take on new challenges in their career, which is why more leaders should provide their employees with chances to spread their wings and grow both professionally and personally!

  6. Make it clear that you care - Beyond rewards, recognition, and development opportunities, employees want to know their leaders care about them. Leaders can show they care simply by listening to their employees, supporting them to the best of their ability, and nurturing their talents, skills, and goals.

  7. Practice what you preach - As a leader, you need to be willing to ‘walk the walk,’ not just ‘talk the talk.’ That means practicing what you preach; whether your company uses Kudos and you also participate as a leader, or you encourage engagement initiatives that other team members are nurturing. Your teams need to see that everyone values the same things and is committed to the organizational culture. 
 Here are a few other ‘quick tips’ you can employ!
  • Say ‘thank you’ every day 
  • Celebrate employee milestones
  • Use your Kudos platform to send recognition
  • Treat your teams to something special, like an office lunch
  • Offer networking opportunities, like the chance to attend a tradeshow or conference
  • Let employees bring their dogs to the office one day per week
  • Consider flexible ‘work from home’ days 

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