Introducing the Kudos BambooHR Integration!

Here at Kudos, we use BambooHR and we love it. Its simplicity and features have made it an HR staple of our business. Plus, the team at BambooHR are pretty nice too. ;) So we’re super excited to introduce our new integration with BambooHR available on Kudos Plus and Enterprise accounts! Simply link your Kudos and BambooHR accounts and you're good to go.

This integration is all about saving you time. Once the integration has been enabled, all current employees and contractors in your BambooHR account will automatically be added, updated or archived in your Kudos system! Imagine how nice it will be to have the two systems perfectly in sync without needing to lift a finger.

All your key employee data in BambooHR like name, job title, location, department, profile picture, phone, etc. will be pushed into Kudos each day in a nightly sync. Can’t wait a day? With one click you can manually tell Kudos to sync with BambooHR instantly.

If you’re using Kudos, there’s a pretty good chance you’re already running birthday and work anniversary notifications and awards. The BambooHR integration will also push birthdays and start dates into Kudos so you can take advantage of this feature; now you’ll never miss another chance to celebrate!

For current users of Kudos and BambooHR, just log in to your Kudos Administrator account and go to Admin > Integrations > click “BambooHR” and enter your BambooHR subdomain into the text field > click “Connect to BambooHR” and follow the prompts to complete the process! We've also published an article in our Support Center that covers setting up your integration.

For existing Kudos clients interested in implementing BambooHR, check out a free trial of BambooHR and see what the buzz is about!

For current BambooHR clients interested in adding a Social Recognition and Employee Engagement platform to their organization, feel free to connect with us to arrange a demo or trial of Kudos.

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