Kudos wins big haul at G2 Best Software Awards

We don’t use the Kudos blog to toot our own horn very often. In fact, almost never. The Kudos blog is mostly a vehicle for bringing you advice and tips on how to engage your team members, enhance your culture, and generally run the people side of your businesses better.

But we recently got some amazing news that we just had to share.

It came in an email announcing the winners of the G2 Best Software Awards.

We came away with a big haul of awards.

19 in total, including: Best Usability – Enterprise and Mid-market, Fastest Implementation and Highest User Adoption – Enterprise, Easiest to Use, Best Results and Best Relationship – Mid-market, and Easiest to Use and Best Support – Small Business.

You can see them all here.

We were also named to the Top 50 HR Products list.

And we ranked #72 of 57,000+ software companies G2 tracks.

G2, BTW, is the largest software review site. Its rankings are based on data from over 1M authentic, verified customer reviews. Reviews for 77,381 software products were written and published between January 1, 2019 - March 3, 2020. Each review is vetted by a real person to ensure legitimacy.

That’s the part we like best. The G2 Awards are based on real reviews from actual users.

Our CEO, Muni Boga, sums it up nicely: “We love how objective the G2 Best Software Awards are. They are based on the feedback of customers actually using the product on an everyday basis. That’s exactly how we want to be judged. Building culture and team performance for our customers by encouraging and enabling peer-to-peer recognition is why we started Kudos.”

He adds: “All areas of our business are passionate about delivering a highly effective and easy to use recognition platform that has a positive impact on the cultures of our clients all over the world.”

I can second that. I’ve worked at a few software companies, and I can tell you that the Kudos team – from the developers to the client experience and culture teams to marketing, sales, data insights, finance, and management – really cares about delivering an amazing product and experience. To get this kind of validation is extremely gratifying. And to win in such a broad range of categories is a huge testament to our team.

Okay, we’re done tooting our own horn (until next year ;) ). Thanks for indulging us!

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