ReCOGnition: Now That’s Engaging!

We’re always curious to know how our clients use Kudos to increase employee engagement in their organization. Kudos is a simple yet comprehensive recognition platform that allows users to create their own programs to engage and reward their colleagues. We encourage all our clients to get creative and Thank Different!

A great way to get employees excited about Kudos is to start off the program with a bang! Organize a fun team activity to explain the purpose of the program and any rewards associated with it. This will get the team excited and help them understand how sending kudos helps build a culture or appreciation. Kicking it off with the right foot is key to a successful recognition program! Columbia Orthopaedic Group did just that! They implemented the Kudos program in their organization with a fun activity that involved all their employees!

About COG

Columbia Orthopaedic Group (COG) provides care in the areas of sports medicine -- namely, spine, joint replacement, hand and upper extremity, foot and ankle, and trauma and fracture care. COG is located in Columbia, Missouri, and provides care for student-athletes at the University of Missouri in Columbia and Rolla, University of Kansas, and other colleges in mid-Missouri. COG also cares for the Harlem Globetrotters, performing surgery on many national and international athletes who play for major sports teams. As of 2011, COG has 27 physicians and surgeons, and a total of 160 team members who are committed to excellence in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of orthopedic injury and disease.

One of COG's primary goals is to ensure that patients receive excellent service and care. By engaging their team through meaningful communication and recognition, COG reinforces their value of providing exceptional client care: "Employee Satisfaction drives Employee Retention drives Employee Productivity drives Service Value drives Customer Satisfaction drives Customer Loyalty drives Profitability and Growth" (Andy Parsley). In short, employee engagement leads to increased customer satisfaction, especially when you use Kudos to recognize team members for living up to the company's values!

How COG Kicked-off Kudos

COG implemented Kudos about a month ago. To engage and inform the team, and to get them excited about the new employee engagement system, COG held a barbecue picnic for its entire staff. They ordered a Kudos Kick-off Swag Kit with customized Kudos t-shirts, balloons, buttons, posters, and brochures for the picnic. Each employee got a Kudos button and an informative brochure to learn how to use the program and get involved in the kick-off process! Additionally, COG gave a cool tumbler cup to all employees who attended the picnic!

They grilled some burgers, mingled, and had a great time under the perfect weather-- sunny and 80 degrees! While reward programs are optional, COG implemented one and announced it at the picnic to encourage employees to send meaningful kudos to each other often! Each Monday morning, a hardworking COG employee will find a surprise on their desk for receiving the most kudos points the previous week. At the end of the year, the top 20 Kudos receivers will win an exciting prize such as a TV, an iPad, etc. What a great way to reinforce the importance of putting forth hard work and providing excellent service!

How Kudos Contributed to the Event

While COG prepared for their picnic by adding clients to the Kudos system, ordering food, and setting up, we prepared by designing and ordering the swag, including custom posters that Muni Boga, Co-Founder at Kudos, created with COG’s logo (as shown in our cover picture)!

“Our picnic was a huge success, bigger than we ever imagined! Kudos helped us a lot. They worked with us to order cool swag items to give to the team. They even designed funny custom posters with the COG logo! Kudos made this into a great team-building experience and a fun way to get everyone involved.” - Beau Baehman, Director of Marketing and Communications at COG

It is exciting for us to welcome new clients onto the system and see the creative ideas they come up with to engage their staff through Kudos! Implementing the system with an exciting event that involves the entire staff is a genius idea to engage the team right off the bat! If you like the idea of throwing a Kudos kick-off party, contact me and we can send you some swag and design posters with your company logo!

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