From warm and fuzzy to ROI

Every leader has heard the Peter Drucker quote ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ and many successful organizations around the world, like Zappos and Lego, are vocal about their belief that culture is core to their success. Yet every day, companies around the world continue to ignore the importance of organizational culture in driving business performance. Why? For the simple reason that they have trouble seeing the return on investment (ROI).

Culture is considered warm and fuzzy, or a ‘nice to have’ and often sits at the bottom of an organization's list of priorities — but this is changing. In fact, researchers at Duke University’s Fuqua School found that in an analysis of 1,348 firms, 92% believe that improving their culture would increase their firm’s value. 

The original article was published in the September 2018 issue of HR Professional Magazine. Read the full article on LinkedIn.

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