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Kudos features to help turn your teams into WFH rock stars

Here at Kudos®, we definitely had to work out some kinks in order to achieve “WFH rock stars” status (not to brag). Luckily we have some amazing tools in our own Kudos platform.

Kudos features to help turn your teams into WFH rock stars

Are you still trying to master remote working? You’re not alone.

Here at Kudos®, we definitely had to work out some kinks in order to achieve “WFH rock stars” status (not to brag). Luckily we have some amazing tools in our own Kudos platform. The following describes some of the uses for Kudos that could help your remote teams stay productive, engaged, connected and even happy. Check them out!

Empower all the good things that come from recognition

We all know how amazing it feels to be recognized by a team member at work. A simple thank-you or compliment can change your day. It can even, yes … make you happier. This is especially important for remote workers in these times. We could all use more happiness.

So this is definitely the time to step up recognition at your business. Luckily, recognition is Kudos’ bread and butter. Not only does our platform allow for top-down and peer-to-peer recognition, but it’s also an efficient way to stay connected, evaluate performance and show gratitude for the great things your team members are doing.

And Kudos makes it amazingly simple. Let’s say Kim really crushes it at the sales meeting. You hop on to Kudos and choose the type of recognition to send – Thank-you, Good Job, Impressive or Exceptional. You can also add a note and/or emojis to really make it impactful. Then hit send to let Kim know she’s awesome. And because the rest of the team can see your message (unless you make it private), the positivity – and happiness – touches your whole team.

Kudos lets you tie recognition to values – like creativity, accountability, teamwork, agility or passion – so you can see how your team is doing in areas that might be most affected by the disconnection of remote work. If the values in your Kudos instance include things like collaboration and communication, and you see low scores in these areas, you’ll know you have some issues to address.

Get engagement reports and analytics

In these times it can be tough to stay engaged. If you’re a manager, you might be wondering about the productivity and engagement of your remote team. As we change the style in which we work, it’s still okay to have expectations around productivity. With Kudos’ in-depth analytics system, including features such as reporting analytics and the Manager Dashboard, you get a comprehensive and convenient view of your team’s performance. You can track levels of participation, activity, overall engagement and much more. Now you know which of your team members are truly engaged and who might need a friendly nudge.

Integrate with your current applications with ease

We know you already have communication tools – probably a bunch. So you might be wondering how Kudos functions with your other applications? And not to mention the dreaded question of how to manage and transition employee information. Fear not. Our seamless integrations allow you to view and/or send recognition within Slack, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. And HRIS system integrations like Bamboo and Workday, allow for the smooth migration of employee data into our system.

Create, manage and store content in Spaces

Making your vital comms easily accessible is especially important during the WFH era. Here’s a great solution: Everything (almost) can live in the Spaces section on Kudos. Spaces (which are like folders) can hold multiple pages. They can be created for things such as newsletters, learning and development documents, health and wellness and COVID-19 updates, whatever. Any kind of updates can be held in this hub and easily broadcast to your organization. Just a click of a button and your whole team is notified. And Kudos also has a built-in communication scheduler that lets you publish communications ahead of time and create touchpoints with employees for increased visibility.

Share photos and memories in Albums

Want to share your awesome WFH set up? Cheer up your team with pics of your adorable pets? Or even reminisce about past company events (from the good ol’ days of in-person contact)? Albums is a great place to post photos that can be viewed and easily accessed by your whole team. It’s the one-stop place to share your company culture and spread positivity throughout your organization.

All of these features combine to create a well-oiled work from home machine that lets you communicate with, manage, assess, engage and even inspire your remote teams all in one place - ultimately enabling us to come together, while we’re apart.

Want to learn more about how Kudos can help enable a better remorse work experience – and even spread some happiness? Just use the chatbot below to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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Kudos® is an employee engagement, culture, and analytics platform, that harnesses the power of peer-to-peer recognition, values reinforcement, and open communication to help organizations boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive productivity and performance. Kudos® uses unique proprietary methodologies to deliver essential people analytics on culture, performance, equity, and inclusion, providing organizations with deep insights and a clear understanding of their workforce.

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