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April 5, 2023

Margaux Morgante

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ICYMI – Here's a roundup of articles and guides to help HR leaders build great cultures through the power of employee recognition and rewards.

HR leader reading Kudos' content roundup all about employee recognition and rewards, culture, employee engagement and employee retention strategies.

Table of Contents

2023 is off to a great start! In the first quarter of 2023, here at Kudos we worked hard to provide you with a range of insightful articles, guides, and resources to support you in creating a better culture, fostering employee engagement, and driving business growth.

The included articles share and explore trends and ideas, insights from HR leaders, and downloadable resources such as culture guides and celebration calendars. Topics covered included the use of AI in HR, the five languages of recognition (what's yours?), the link between employee recognition and business growth, the employee net promoter score, and the impact of employee recognition in different industries.

These resources share practical tips, real-life examples, and expert advice to help HR leaders navigate the ever-changing landscape of HR and create workplaces where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated.

Here's your Q1 2023 round up:

HR Trends & Ideas

  • "We Asked ChatGPT How It Can Help HR Leaders: Here's What Happened": The Kudos team had a conversation with ChatGPT, the AI-powered language model, to explore how it can help HR leaders with employee engagement, talent management, and other HR-related tasks. The article provides insights on how AI can augment HR efforts and improve employee experience.  
  • "The 5 Languages of Recognition": This article explores the concept of the five languages of recognition and provides insights on how HR leaders can use them to promote effective employee recognition and appreciation. The article also includes practical tips and examples to help leaders communicate appreciation in a way that resonates with their employees.
  • "How Employee Recognition Leads to Business Growth": This article highlights the link between employee recognition and business growth and provides tips on how HR leaders can use recognition to drive employee engagement, productivity, and retention.
  • "Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) Explained": This article provides an overview of the employee net promoter score (eNPS), a metric that measures employee loyalty and satisfaction. The article includes tips on how HR leaders can use eNPS to improve employee engagement and retention.
  • "The Impact of Employee Recognition in Different Industries: Case Studies and Key Takeaways": This article showcases how employee recognition can drive engagement and boost productivity in various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and retail. The article provides real-life examples and key takeaways for HR leaders to implement in their organizations.

Insights from Expert HR Leaders

  • "Taking a Bold Approach to HR That Challenges Norms and Leans on Authenticity": This article challenges HR leaders to take a bold approach to HR by challenging traditional HR practices and embracing authenticity. The article provides practical tips and examples to help HR leaders create a culture that fosters authenticity and drives employee engagement.
  • "The Power of Leading by Example in HR": This article explores the impact of leadership behavior on employee engagement and provides tips on how HR leaders can lead by example to create a positive work environment and inspire their teams to achieve their full potential.

New Culture Guides & Downloadable Resources

  1. "Kudos 2023 Celebrations Calendar": This culture guide provides a calendar of celebrations and events that HR leaders can use to engage and motivate their employees throughout the year.
  1. "Employee Appreciation Day and Month Guide": This article provides a comprehensive guide to help HR leaders plan and execute a successful Employee Appreciation Day or Month. The article includes creative ideas, best practices, and tips to make the celebration meaningful and impactful.
  1. "How to Use Your Culture as a Talent Strategy": This article explores how HR leaders can leverage their organization's culture to attract and retain top talent. The article provides insights on how to build a strong culture that aligns with the organization's values and goals.
  1. "Recognizing Generational Diversity": This culture guide explores how HR leaders can recognize and appreciate the diverse perspectives and values of different generations in the workplace. The guide provides tips and best practices for creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity and promotes collaboration.
  1. "Recognition Your Team Will Love": This culture guide provides creative ideas and best practices for employee recognition that can help HR leaders create a culture of appreciation and engagement.

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