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March 18, 2020


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Intrinsic motivation is essential to stay productive when working from home. At the same time, adding simple activities to your daily routine can help you feel your best productive self and master remote work. From having a routine, to managing online meetings – here’s a list of tips that will help you when working remotely.

Couple working at home from the couch. By using Kudos and these tips, both can better their employee experience at home.

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It is important to stay productive while working from home. From having a routine, to managing online meetings – here’s a list of tips that will help you when working remotely.  

1. Keep a routine

Set your alarm to a specific time every day. Get up and get ready as if you are going into the office. Set a lunch time! Make sure to have lunch the same time you usually would. Having a schedule will help you to stay on track.

2. Get out of your pajamas

We know… They are so comfy! But you can still wear comfy clothes, just make sure they are different from what you slept in.

3. Don’t work in bed or on the couch

Don’t work somewhere you normally associate with relaxing, as that could trick your brain into not being as productive. If you don’t have an office or an available table, then even the dining table, or kitchen counter can work! When the day ends, close up your “home office” to separate work from the household.

4. Get out of the house

Try scheduling a coworking space, talk to any coworkers to join you. Even going for a walk during your lunch or a visit to your favorite coffee shop will help you feel motivated when working from home.

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate

With remote work, it is important to be in regular communication with your team. Use chat systems, email and video conferencing. There is no such thing as over-communicating, as it keeps you and your team engaged! See below for some tips for managing online meetings

6. Master the mute button

Background noise can be quite disturbing during larger conference call meetings. You never know what background noise is going through your mic, and sometimes applications such as Slack and Zoom will actually try to increase the volume of the background noises as it thinks it is just you speaking quietly. Make the mute button your best friend!

7. Assign a Meeting Lead

Everyone has dealt with people speaking over each other during in-person meetings, but it can be more difficult to manage during online meetings. You’ll find it useful to have one person lead the meeting by keeping an eye who is trying to speak and then passing the “talking stick.”

And we’d like to add…

There are ways to take advantage of working remotely that can bring you some real benefits, like the opportunity to really focus on your work and yourself.

And remember that self-care is really important if you ever feel isolated when working from home. Make sure to always check in with yourself and others who may be working remotely as well.

In addition to email, chat and video calls, Kudos is also a great way to connect with your team. Kind words of peer-to-peer recognition go a long way – boosting morale, increasing engagement and inspiring happiness.

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